Services, Fees and Payment Info

We Are Proud of the Care We Give

We want to make your cats feel as though they have had very little interruption to their routine. For that reason, we meet with you prior to our first sit for an Initial Client Meeting at your home, where you can walk us through how you feed, medicate or spend time with your cat. ​ We offer 20 minute visits, starting at $20 per visit. During that time we take care of food, water, litter and any kitty-centric messes that may have been made in between visits. Extra time is spent on play or cuddles. ​ Full length visits are 30 min, starting at $25, giving us more time to keep the kitties company, take care of medications or a special diet. ​ NOTE: Any kitty who requires medication will automatically require a 30 min visit to ensure that our sitters have enough time to administer medication as well as take care of all of the kitties’ other needs.

Visits Can Be Scheduled…

Once Daily

Twice Daily – if diet or medication are needed

Every Other Day – we recommend this only for cats who have cat companions.

* We do not schedule visits further apart than every other day. We do, however, feel comfortable sharing service with friends or neighbors who visit as well. 

Cats per Visit

1-2 Cats (20 min visit) – $20
1-2 Cats (30 min visit) – $25
3 Cats (30 min visit) – $30

* for each additional cat add $5

Additional Services

Initial Client Meeting – $10
Extra trip Key Pick Up – $10
Extra trip Key Drop Off – $10
Meds in Treats/Food – $3
Pilling – $5
Injections – $8
Subcutaneous Fluids – $10


Visits on specified holidays are 20 minutes unless a cat has needs beyond that scope of time.

  • there is a $10 Holiday surcharge for
    • Easter Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Labor Day
    • Thanksgiving Day
    • Christmas Eve
    • Christmas Day
    • New Years’ Day

Payment Information

The Basics

As indicated in your client contract, payment is due at the time service is rendered so that we can promptly pay the sitters who visit your kitties.

If you would like to receive an invoice, or have questions about the payment process, please contact Mike here.

Payment Options

  • Chase QuickPay / Zelle
  • Check
  • Credit card (via Paypal)
  • Venmo

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